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Baking Cupcakes is one of the most loved cooking game with millions of fans.

Have fun and play this game for girls by choosing different cupcake recipes:

Caramel Cupcakes
Fresh Cupcakes
Creamy Cupcakes
Vanilla Cupcakes
Colorful Cupcakes
Cute Hearts Cupcakes

plus 3 bonus cooking games,

Sandwich Maker
Cooking Pancakes
Making Omelet

all games are FREE!

Each cooking recipe is a different baking game, different style and will offer you a unique cooking game experience.

Caramel Cupcake - Recipe 1
Start this game in a shop where you have to choose the ingredients you need to prepare caramel cupcakes.
Cooking part begins.
Using kitchen utensils you will clean the apples and then each apple must be cut into small pieces.
In a bowl, all ingredients for dough preparation will be carefully mixed using a kitchen mixer.
The cream above the cupcakes will be cooked by mixing the ingredients with low heat.

Fresh Cupcake - Recipe 2
To prepare the dough mix in the ingredients, then pour the dough into the cupcakes baking tray and put the cookies to the baking following the instructions in the game.
Decorate the cakes as you like.

Creamy Cupcakes – Recipe 3
Flour, baking powder, milk, eggs and butter are mixed in a bowl with a mixer. Put a little oil on the baking tray cupcakes, pour the dough in each mold and let it bake.
You will prepare 3 types of creams for decoration, green and red blue.
Decorate the cakes with these creams and add small flowers for a special cupcake.

Vanilla Cupcakes – Recipe 4
One of the most delicious cupcake recipes.
Start the game in a shop where you have to find the ingredients.
Each ingredient will be added in turn to the mixing bowl of the dough mixer.
First put in the baking tray the paper for cupcakes then pour the dough into the paper.
Following the instructions in the game prepares a delicious vanilla cream for decorating the cakes.
For decorating you have more choices, choose the favorite combination for a cupcake to suit your taste.

Colorful Cupcakes – Recipe 5
You have to find each ingredient placed on the shelf and put it on the cooking table.
Prepare dough with these ingredients following the indications in the game.
After putting the dough in the cupcakes baking tray, follow the baking side and then decorate the cakes.
When decorating, use different types of creams and decorations.

Cute Heart Cupcakes – Recipe 6
In a modern kitchen you will help a bunny to cook cupcakes with hearts.
Choose the ingredients in the pantry then start your cooking experience.
You will prepare the dough, the cream for decoration, you will cut your heart-shaped decorations, it will be a real fun.
Each cupcake must be decorated with colored hearts. You will enjoy this cooking experience.

And because we love cooking games we added 3 new free bonus games.

Sandwich Maker – Bonus Cooking Game 1
In a fun animation you will learn how to cook bacon and cheese sandwiches for a delicious breakfast.

Cooking Pancakes – Bonus Cooking Game 2
All children love pancakes, so we come up with a fun cooking game where the pancakes are cooked following the instructions in the game.
To win a prize, in this game you have to solve a puzzle.
After the pancakes have been cooked, they are decorated with fresh honey.

Making Omelet – Bonus Cooking Game 3
For a perfect breakfast we offer you a game where you can cook the omelet.
You will be guided by a step-by-step chef to get a delicious omelet.

» as you can see, this game contains many different, fun cooking games that will help you to improve your cooking knowledge.
» new cooking games will be added gradually.
» to improve games, please leave a review with your opinion about our games.

Thank you and start playing our cooking games.

Integrated Cooking Stars system. Now you are more motivated to enjoy all cooking recipes.
Receive Cooking Stars for each recipe you play. Use them to unlock other recipes.
Have fun cooking.

Baking Cupcakes - Cooking Game 5.0.17 screenshots hack proof 2

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