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For IOS and Android User:

Case Clicker 2 - Custom cases! 2.3.4 screenshots hack proof 2
Anniversary update edition!
What's new? We have added MULTIPLE CASE opening, online realtime coinflips, new casino minigame - ♣ Tower ♣, weapon equipping system, new ranks and much more!

Case Clicker is a combination of the CS case simulator with a clicker.
In the game you click, open cases, play minigames, trade with friend and more!

Main game features?
► Over 300 upgrades are waiting to unlock
► Over 1000 obtainable skins!
► Over 1300 obtainable stickers!
► Almost 80 obtainable collectible pins and gloves

► Custom Case creator - create your custom cases and share them with other players!
► Trading system - trade with other players!
► Match betting system - bet you virtual items on the real eSport matches!
► Name Tags - name your own skin!
► Item upgrader - don't like your item? Take a risk and try to upgrade it to a better item!
And that's not everything in our case opener game!

Gambling minigames? Sure!
♣ Roulette
♣ Mines!
♣ Coinflip
♣ Jackpots
♣ Crash - are you fast enough to get your skin before the price crashes?
♣ Tower - go up until you reach the top of the tower to get the grand prize!
♣ Online Jackpots!
♣ Online Coinflips - play versus your friend or other players!
♣ Scratches - try your luck in one of 4 different scratches!

What also can be found?
► Arm deal contracts, just like in real CS!
► Over 200 achievements
► Rank and private rank system, from silver to global elite and even further!
► Mission system - do up to 3 missions at once and receive rewards!
► Souvenir system - collect souvenir items!
► Capsules with stickers and collectible pins
► Ability to sell skins for real market prices!

And much more - we are constantly updating the game, so you can always expect something new!
Download the game and try by yourself!
— Added TAPPING SPREE system!
— Added the new OPERATION SYSTEM!
— Added support for the FRENCH language
— Added 4 new upgrades including 3 multi-level upgrades!
— Now there is a little chance for jackpot and casino skins to have a random nametag and random stickers
— Now you can use your P2000 skins in the loadouts!
— Loadouts now give additional money per second bonus!
— Added combo progress bars
— Added 4 new statistics
— Added 12 new achievements

Case Clicker 2 - Custom cases! 2.3.4 screenshots hack proof 2

The best way to use the Case Clicker 2 - Custom cases! Cheat generator tool

At the beginning, get to know if the status of the tool and equipment is online, marked as green. If our servers are online, type your Case Clicker 2 - Custom cases! username in the field. Then, choose the amount of resource you are going to add. Our Case Clicker 2 - Custom cases! cheat trick generates resource. We're utilizing this precaution safeguard mainly for safety and security reasons and server durability. In an effort to prove that you're not a bot, small human validation is perhaps need.
Just after successful human validation
It's very critical that you type your right username. After sucessful human verification, inspect your smartphone for the integrated resource. It is recommended that note that username is case sensitive. Please, don't often use this tool more than once per day.

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