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For IOS and Android User:

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Create your kawaii avatar and produce wonderful fashion shows!❤

Over 50 million downloads all over the world!☺
From the globally popular smartphone community app, "CocoPPa", comes a special lovely app, "CocoPPa Play".

Now create and decorate your avatar with cute outfits!
Create fashion shows for people all over the world!♬

Create Your Models
You can choose combinations of 15 item parts, such as hairstyles, face accessories, skin colors and of course, outfits❤
Also, you will get various “Posing” items by getting higher level!☃

Customize Your Show
You can organize your avatar as "My Model" in shows.
In the show, you can add up to 3 models. You can set not only your models, but your friend's models as well.
You can also create your original show by setting stage set or decor item.

Share with Everybody
Cheers people's shows and post a message as well as decorating your show. You will be able to get free outfits by exchanging points you get by cheering for shows❤
Make many friends and you can invite them to your shows!

Connect To CocoPPa
After you have connected your CocoPPa account ID, you will be able to set your avatar picture in CocoPPa My Page. You can also use the avatar picture for the CocoPPa icon.

Try Quests & Get Amenities
Complete daily quests, help for unique app characters! And you will get free useful items to decorate your shows.

About Sister-App "CocoPPa”
✔Our home screen customization / global community app has become a sensation in the app world.
Don't miss your chance to make your smartphone look truly cute♬
New cute themes of Hello Kitty, My Melody are now available.

✔Customize your phone and make it much cuter than your friends.
No more messy home screens with icons of different taste❤
If you want them cool and organized, use the characters' themes that you really like.

✔CocoPPa can do all the above and even more!
We've got tons of new content coming in every day from our international user community.
We assure anyone will find something they like♬
It's very easy to decorate your home screen with CocoPPa!

✔Make Sure to Check here!
*Tablet devices will not be corresponding devices.

Contact Information
We receive your question from the Inquiry of our app “CocoPPa Play”.
・CocoPPa Play UI has been changed to Halloween version!

Star Girl Fashion❤CocoPPa Play 1.72 screenshots hack proof 2

The benefits of using the Star Girl Fashion❤CocoPPa Play Online hack tool

At first, find out if the status of the tool is online, marked as green. If our servers are online, type your Star Girl Fashion❤CocoPPa Play username in the field. Then, choose the amount of resource you would like to add. Our Star Girl Fashion❤CocoPPa Play online cheat tool adds resource. We are using this precaution mainly for risk management reasons and server vigor. As a way to prove that know that you aren't a bot, small human validation might be need.
After successful human validation
It's extremely crucial for you type your right username. After sucessful human verification, look at your smartphone for the added resource. Please note that username is case sensitive. Please, don't use this special tool more than once each day.

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NOTE: Star Girl Fashion❤CocoPPa Play is a mobile game for Smartphone. You can buy resources on Android Play Store and iTunes relatively. Through the use of our tool, you agree with our terms and conditions. Thank you for using our products and solutions!



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