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For IOS and Android User:

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Truth or Dare X is the game you need to lift up your party, or to find out anything from your friends while you play.

After many years studying the art of Truth or Dare and drinking, we've put together the best compilation of phrases, categories and subjects that any party needs.

We promise to give you everything you need to pull the hottest talk with your crush, to go crazy, or just to get a little embarrassed.With this party game you will get everything that you want.

Also, it's very good to play in couple. The things can get really hot!!

Truth or Dare X in a way you’ve never seen. With exciting levels to play with all kinds of friends.

Download the app, it's free! Bring the game to the parties and you will be the best!!

Join the gang, choose a level, decide between Truth or Dare and, well, good luck!
Many twists and turns can happen. Surprise yourself with what your friends can do, or have already done.

● Classic, for those who enjoy the traditional way to play
● Breaking the Ice, for those who don’t know each other yet
● Social Embarrassment, to see when you start feeling embarrassed
● Going Crazy, are you crazy?
● At the Bar, to enjoy that cold beer with a shot of mocking
● Blasted - if you'll play this level, bring a LOT of alcohol!!
● Warming it Up, to make it a little spicy
● It's hot in here - it's getting hard to describe it here…
● Prohibition - if you got here… I wish I was you

* Legal Warning - The Never Have I Ever X has adult content. Shouldn't be downloaded or played by kids under the rating.

* Play anywhere - The game does not require internet conection.

* Compatibility and support - We are working harder for all the phones can play the game without trouble.If you have any problem, report to
In this update:
- New level added: "Blasted" (a level for drink lovers and completely different from all other levels of the App)
- The level "At The Bar" now has 50 amazing dares!!
- We also made a huge bug fix, trying to make TDX more and more perfect!!
- Soon we will bring more news!!

Truth or Dare X 4.0 screenshots hack proof 2

The best way to use the Truth or Dare X Cheat tool

First, find out if the status of the generator tool is online, marked as green. If our servers are online, type your Truth or Dare X username in the field. Then, pick the amount of resource you would like to add. Our Truth or Dare X resources generator adds resource. We are utilizing this precaution mainly for safety and security reasons and server durability. In order to confirm that know that you aren't a bot, small human validation might be need.
Right after successful human validation
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