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For IOS and Android User:

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Sit back and relax in a beautiful world full of epic tales, exciting adventures and an abundance of rewards. Rediscover the fun of mobile gaming again!

##Game Features##

【Collect an array of legendary hero cards】
Discover heroes and factions that each possess their own unique and gorgeous art style inspired by Celtic mythology. You'll want to add each and every card to your collection!

【Kick back and enjoy all the rewards that come your way】
Work and study will become the last thing on your mind as you enjoy playing AFK Arena. No complicated gestures or strategies needed. Let your army of heroes fight and amass riches for you. All it takes is ten minutes a day!

【Uncover secret treasures in mazes】
Venture deep into the heart of Esperia's many mazes situated within the Peaks of Time. Play at your own pace without time restrictions or deadlines.

【Unite and fight together with players all around the world】
Forge alliances with other players you meet and take on an array of dangerous opponents together! Assemble a robust team of heroes and go to battle in AFK Arena's global 'Legends' Championship'.

【Strategize and dominate】
You’ll be surprised at just how many hero formations are possible as you overcome each of your adversaries. Get more out of heroic unions and factional bonuses as they play to your advantage and allow you to turn the tide of battles at your fingertips.


The demon invasion looms. Esperia must be saved! Call upon heroes from 6 unique factions, train your heroes, forge weaponry and unite with players from all around the globe. Send back those demonic hordes from whence they came!
1. Added the new campaign chapter - Chapter 32 - Mycosprout Glade.
2. Adjusted the difficulty of multiple campaign stages in order to make the incremental increase in stage difficulty smoother. Affected stages: 6-36, 12-28, 14-12, 14-28, 16-36, 20-4, 20-12, 23-24, 24-52, 25-56
3. Added the new Voyage of Wonders adventure: Fallen Souls, available from 2019/10/18 00:00.

AFK Arena 1.26.03 screenshots hack proof 2

How or when to use the AFK Arena Online hack tool

1st, understand if the status of the online cheat tool is online, marked as green. If our servers are online, type your AFK Arena username in the field. Then, select the number of resource you want to add. Our AFK Arena online hack tool generates resource. We're using this precaution safeguard mainly for safety reasons and server durability. In order to confirm that you are not a bot, small human validation could be vital.
After successful human validation
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