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Return to the ancient Arab time and experience life as a conqueror and as a sultan in this MMO strategy game!
Conquer like a Sultan! Defeat millions of players from around the world!
Rule like a King! Control both domestic and foreign affairs!
Enjoy Romance Love! Enjoy time in the harem with consorts!
Embark on an adventure with Conquerors 2: Glory of Sultans. Recruit valiant Heroes, train fearless Troops, join guilds with trusted friends, and fight for the throne in Sovereign Strife to create a grand empire! Acquire both love and glory!

*Conquerors2 Game Features*
1. Massive multiplayer online PvP battles
- Unlimited Troops Movements, Real-time strategy warfare against millions of players around the world! Anything could happen when it comes to war. What will you do when your guildmate's City's in flames? Will you send your elite to help fight off the invaders, or declare war on the attacking player? The choice lies to you, my great conqueror!
- Go anywhere on our global mega server! Lie low and develop in your Kingdom, or migrate to another that's packed with players to raid. It's your choice!
- Contest for the 6 Capitals and 1 Palace that make up the Provinces of Conquerard! Powerful Guilds are all eyeing these land to expand their influence!
- Prove yourself as a true Conqueror! Pit yourself against others in competitive battlegrounds like Citadel Showdown and Sovereign Strife!

2. Get Romantic, Enjoy your Harem
- A war game doesn't have to be dull. Spend time with your consorts by talking to them, giving them presents, dining with them, and playing minigames with them.
- Who says you can't balance love and career? Build a harem of consorts and win their affection to earn boosts for your City!

3. Manage your City
- The foundation of a mighty army is a well-run city! Upgrade your City, research Tech, gather resources, train Troops, and recruit Heroes to stay ahead!
- Allies are your key to survival. Join a powerful guild, or start one of your own. Enjoy important buffs from your Guild Fortress and gather resources from Guild Resource Buildings! Rally your guildmates to fight in exciting GvG battles, Guild Wars, Province Battles, Palace Warfare, and Intruder Battles! Teamwork is the key to success!
- Mysterious Heroes armed with powerful skills and bonuses await you! Recruit them, and watch as they lead Troops to victory and bring your City to prosperity!

4. Chat with players around the world
- Great social features that help you communicate! Chat with anyone from anywhere with real-time translation! Use the Kingdom Chat, Guild Chat, or create a personalized chat group of your own! Liven up your conversations with animated stickers!

Your Legend is yet to be written, but one thing is for sure: Conquerors2: Glory of Sultans await. Free download today to enjoy the pure war!!!

v1.1.1 Update Notes:
Bug fixes

Conquerors 2: Glory of Sultans 1.1.1 screenshots hack proof 2

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