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For IOS and Android User:

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Lead an entire nation to salvation – or destruction – in a post-apocalyptic world set beyond the year 2075. With a simple swipe of your finger, left or right, you’ll be able to decide of this Nation’s destiny, taking hard decisions about different quests and problems, that will be brought to your presidential attention. Be careful though: leading has never been easy and it will be even more challenging in a similar world. Something mysterious has thrown the whole future humanity in a deep confusion, causing a continuous stream of events as wars, illness, famine. No one seems to recall what started this all, no one seems to know anything about the odd events that keeps involving the planet, no one can explain why you seem to rise every time someone tries to keep you down.

So be careful, and think long and hard each and every decision, because nothing happens by chance. Every single event might help you reach your final victory, but at the same time it could be the reason of your failure. Who will be your friend, and who will be your enemy? Hard to say in such a complex world filled with betrayals, aliens, bionic beings and ancient myths. What’s done is done, and you can just play your cards as well as you can in this inevitable race against time.

In-App Purchases:
The game is completely for free.
You can reach each and every ending without buying anything. Any purchase will be optional and, besides helping you a little bit along the game, will be a sort of donation for me.

FAQs and suggestions:
• How can you play? Press on the card and swipe it slowly left or right, so you can read the two possible options. Decide what choice you want to make, minding the four statistics. Keep in mind: every choice you make will have future consequences.
• Do I have to get to a certain year to end the game? No, you can reach an ending in any time! You just need to make the right choices and have a little bit of luck.

Supported Languages: English, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, French,
Finnish, Bengali, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Czech, Afrikaans, Indonesian, German, Polish, Hungarian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Dutch, Hindi, Arabic, Slovak, Romanian, Greek, Romanian, Bulgarian, Malay, Slovenian.

Wanna help?
If you’re good with foreign languages and want to help translating Lapse, contact me at:
Lapse: A Forgotten Future is now available in Azerbaijani and Ukrainian languages (thanks to Jala Isgandarzada and Danylo “Prosta4ok_ua” Sydorenko). In this version, we've also fixed some minor bugs and updated Android libraries.

Thanks to all of you for your amazing support!

Lapse: A Forgotten Future 2.0.4 screenshots hack proof 2

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