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The war between many races is over. But…
After all, the continent was ravaged, war began again of water and the resources yet.
Now mercenaries have become new rulers,
We start the invasion to take up the remaining resources in the ruined continent...
It was the land of war "Nine City".
It is a place where a lot of mercenaries are staying in 9 difficult areas.
Defending their territory and expanding their territory are the only survival methods.
Integrate "Nine City" by blocking invasions and invading!

[Game Features]

- Auto play support for movement, combat, unit production
  - It consists of 9 themes (180 stages)> Normal, Elite mode
  - General, Elite Dungeon (Wave Attack)> Equipment, gem acquisition
  - Advanced Equipment Acquisition through "Drawing Equipment"
  - Achieve achievement naturally while playing> Gem acquisition
  - League Ranking Competition with users around the world> Reward payment
(Blood stone)> Skill card purchase
  - Arena (World PVP) Fight Card System> Various skill cards

[How to use gift box]
  Arena > Mailbox icon> Refresh> Receive

[Equipment Rating]
Normal > Magic > Rare > Unique > Legendary > S Legendary

1. The data is initialized when the mobile phone is replaced or the application is deleted.
2. Partial Paid Items and Game Money Billing features are included.
3. Please pay attention to the actual billing fee when paying partial paid items and game money.

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- Mobile phone: You can change the usage status of your mobile phone.
- Device ID and call information: The app will display the device ID, phone number,
   You can access the associated number during a call.
   Device ID and call information can include the ability to read phone status and ID.
- Other: Internet features are available.

* You can deny access to unnecessary privileges and functions through the function of withdrawing authorization of the terminal or removing the app.
* If you are using Android OS version 6.0 or lower, you will not be able to access it separately.
If this is the case, check that you can upgrade the operating system to 6.0 or later, and reinstall the app after upgrading.

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BATTLE HEROES 1.1.4 screenshots hack proof 2

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