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ExAid Henshin Belt Sim 2.2 screenshots hack proof 1

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For IOS and Android User:

ExAid Henshin Belt Sim 2.2 screenshots hack proof 2
DX Henshin Belt for Ex-Aid Henshin

DX Henshin Belt simulation for Ex-Aid Henshin, tokusatsu and cosplay needs

This is A transform game of Ex-Aid henshin belt with complete features. Suitable for you who are looking for Dx transform game for Ex-Aid henshin belt.
So! play the Ex-Aid henshin belt and transform every time. And share Ex-Aid henshin belt to other fellow henshin fans.

Features :
~3 Driver
~ 64 Gashat
~ 475 Ringtone

How to use :
Gamer Driver
1. Click icon youtube tutorial to show tutorial video.
2. Click Game Start / Continue to go Ex-Aid Henshin Belt.
3. Click List Henshin Gashat and select one.
4. Click symbol A to level up.
5. Click symbol B to attack.
Buggle Driver
1. Click icon bugvisor in gamer driver.
2. Click Buggle Driver or Buggle Driver Zwei
3. If you seleted Buggle Driver Zwei, click symbol E to show List Henshin (symbol C )
5. Click List Henshin (symbol C ) and select one.
6. Click symbol D to henshin.
7. To Attack click symbol E and F or F and E.
8. Click icon gamer driver to back.
Gashat Gear Dual
1. Click icon gashat gear in gamer driver.
2. Click H or I to select gashat.
3. If you want change gashat click K and select gashat again.
4. Click J to henshin.
5. Click G to going attack, click K and click same gashat H or I to ready attack.
Ex-Aid Henshin Belt Sim Ver 2.2
+ Fix HD Image LCD Gamer Driver

Ver 1.9 :
+ Fix Freezing at load a Gashacon Scene
+ Fix gashat Hyper Muteki
+ Henshin Display for every ex-aid henshin form and build
+ Gashat Perfect Puzzle
+ Bug Fix ALL Gashat Simulation sequence

ExAid Henshin Belt Sim 2.2 screenshots hack proof 2

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