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If you are a horror game lover and you can solve puzzles to escape the rooms and strange houses, You will definitely have played different granny games. We bring you the most thrilling game of 2019, this haunted house has a ghost of old granny and grandpa in a horror mansion. Both of them are scary enough to make this strange house more scary with their ghost and escape haunted ghost house is not an easy mission. Say hello granny to the scary soul making the house haunted and horror games.

You are a street and city fighter guy who fight for his people against the ghost and haunted things, this is not an ordinary fighting game, This is escape plan game where you are stuck in scary haunted ghost Nun house with terrifying horror game. You have 120 days to escape the room of the haunted house. You need to be careful as this is not granny in the next chapter your small gestures can call the danger. You are a street fighter who escaped from the fighting street and now in this haunted house in Staten island, where the granny was living since she was fat girl small and innocent, something weird happened with her family, her husband was killed and she was converted into a fitness girl who visited Brooklyn, Bronx etc Since than this fighter girl died living a single lady is taking care of her house as a ghost granny. Anyone who enters in a house dies or get mentally ill in this escape the house room escapes a horror game.

Enjoy free games by Tw Games mysterious haunted house granny ghost escape games. Keep your eyes open as this horror game can bring some horror objects on a single instinct when you are not looking. You have to play safe and find the codes and things that can help you get escaped from the house. Start challenging yourself with the amazing puzzles of a real strategy to find things and escaping this mysterious house. This House in the creepy haunted jungle is a real fear for whoever takes the courage to enter this hell and hospital that is haunted and town. You are out of food, water. You need to manage your bravery as you are a lover of horror games and haunted house escape games.

Challenge yourself is great courage as this haunted house has a scary and strange mission for you. Make sure to reach the right destinations. Scary grandma is waiting for you inside the house, She better knows how to take care of her house, and You better know how to get the secret of this scary horror grandma and leave the house. Found the best possible clues you can find with your open eye sin this evil grand ma scary strange house game. Solve the right puzzles to find the key to the door of the escaping room of the strange house. Evil Grand ma and grand pa can take your soul down if they will catch you.

So, if you are horror games lover play this Scary Granny Strange House Escape mission game with haunted games great Features like:

- Real Scary Haunted house; A horror mansion of grand Ma
- Multiple levels of great logical puzzles
-120 days to escape the haunted house
-Amazing Scary features with a great mind

Enjoy Amazing terror and scary Moments of ghosts of Grand Ma and GrandPa in this free atmospheric horror game. Find the clues and keys to escape, before they will catch you, Escape as soon as possible form the rooms. Drive the Car out the haunted house.

- Multiple Gameplay modes with Easy, Medium and Difficult Gameplay modes of Haunted House Escape - Granny Ghost Games
- This is the perfect Scary mansion Grand Ma game with Haunted House Escape missions.
Bugs Removed
Controls improved
All the mentioned missions "Haunted House Escape- Granny Ghost Games" are fictitious. They are not occurring in the real-world environment. This game intends to create entertainment and never tends to harm any person.
This game is free and supported by Ad"

Haunted House Escape - Granny Ghost Games 1.0.8 screenshots hack proof 2

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