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In this new role-playing game, you are a Knight, born to fight, battle and conquer. Battle foes and friends in a living fantasy world of monsters as you strive to become the Land’s most feared, famous and epic Knight.

Rage Knights, heroes to the people, once defended the world. Now, it is controlled and corrupted by Lord Karnon and the dark power. As a new Rage Knight and RPG player, travel in a fantasy world, battle epic monsters, fight enemies and corrupted Rage Knights turned Trial Knights to create your own legend amongst the Order of Rage.


Launch the game, create your Knight and battle in an action-packed RPG quest in an epic fantasy world!

- Follow the legendary Sir Edward Drakeson through your first RPG trials and battle him to
earn your place.
- Earn your Gauntlet, the legendary token of the Order of Rage and begin your epic RPG
crusade in the fantasy world of Astellan.
- Play the game of fame and riches by collecting legendary items to customize your Rage

In this brand new RPG, recruit and upgrade Ancient Heroes to improve your battle powers.
Call upon your Rage to unleash your Heroes’ unique abilities during a fight.


In this new game, level up your Knight and battle goblins, beasts and undead monsters as you roam through this fantasy world! In this gesture-driven combat game, create the best RPG tactic to win battles and rise as a legend.

- Engage in hunts and treasure quests to win rare items to better your game.
- Collect Ancient Heroes to fight by your side and summon their epic abilities in times of
- Before the battle, tailor your RPG strategy by selecting your weapon and line-up of
- Master the game RPG mechanics: create the perfect chain of attacks alternating
between weapon, Gauntlet punches and Heroes’ abilities.
- Become the Hero of the PvP arena by defeating fellow Knights.


Your Knight, your style! In this new RPG game, create the perfect combo of style and stealth to stand out from the crowd!

- Fully customise your own rage knight to become the most legendary Knight amongst
your friends or other players.
- Collect hundreds of items to stand out from the other Knights in the PvP arena or on the
- Create the wackiest attire to fight with style and win epic battles.


Spice up the game by joining a guild: create a fellowship and hone your RPG skills with other Knights!

- Rally your friends to create your own Knighthood.
- Exchange messages in real-time to tailor your common RPG strategy.
- Together, fight epic battles and live up to the glory of the legendary Order of Rage.

Knighthood tailors the RPG experience to your mobile device and lifestyle. In this game, explore towns and dungeons while engaging a fantasy world full of monsters in one-handed, epic gesture-driven combat.

By downloading this app on your mobile you are agreeing to our terms of service; Knighthood is completely free to play but some optional in-game items will require payment.

You must be connected to the Internet to access the game.
Tons of improvements designed to help our brave Knights have more fun: Improved icons, more autoplay options, better previews in multiple modes, streamlined daily tasks, and more
Inactive (for 30 days) guild leaders will now be automatically demoted and a new guild leader promoted
Introducing Side Stories, multi-task quests that enrich the world
Charms, Drops, Tomes, and Cores now sold for gold at selected merchants
Arena and Monster Cave daily attempts have been reduced and rewards increased.

Knighthood 1.0.42 screenshots hack proof 2

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