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MadLife: Life Simulator Alpha- 2.7.2 screenshots hack proof 2
MadLife is a complicated game with a learning curve and is not one of those "one easy click and your there" type of games.

You actually have to travel, enter actual buildings, and interact with other citizens.

You have to survive, eat food, drink liquids, dig thru garbage, and sleep in cardboard boxes.

You can starve or dehydrate, run out of energy, loose health, get beaten up, or get your money stolen from citizens at anytime.

There are actual markets you have to buy food and liquids from, hospitals with beds you have to sleep to heal provided you can afford it, and banks with actual vaults to store your money.

To get a job, it requires door to door applications, and sometimes waiting to see if that citizen will hire you.

Having a job requires you to show up and work 8 hours a day with possibility for promotions with better pay, but also to get fired if your late to often.

You can buy the land, build a bank, hospital, market, to start your own business.

Expand your business, hire and fire employees, purchase the beds, bank vaults, and import food to make your profits.

Owning a business in MadLife is not easy at first as it takes money to make money in this realistic world.

If business is not your style, start the life of crime for example a pickpocket is a skill that you work at to get better at to make more money at.

This is a turned based game with a in-game time with a 24 hour in-game clock and citizens that move and think at each turn living there lives while you live yours.

There is a start-up quest to help you learn the ropes, earn startup cash and food, as well as "Info/help" boxes in every part of the game.

There is honestly a LOT here, and the game is still in development, needs tweaking and not that balanced.

I am constantly adding new things and I am working hard every day (I have no life. ) to fulfill my obligation to bringing you the best Life Simulator game out there.

2.8.1 - Store fix preventing current users from purchases. (I hope.)
Fixed a crash a particular player is having. (You know who you are, and yes, I did see you, I am working on trying to fix your issue. )(I hope. )
Added scroll bars to message boxes.
preparations for next update.

2.8.0 -
Fixed a few bugs and crashes.
Added new scroll bars.
Added the Important message box.
Added "Rate MadLife" button for easy access.

MadLife: Life Simulator Alpha- 2.7.2 screenshots hack proof 2

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