Root 1.5 APK MOD Cheat

Root 1.5 screenshots hack proof 1

If you do in fact like to receive cost free Root resource please fell welcome to take advantage of our perfectly safe and secure Root hack tool. The application directly refers to your Root account and really adds the chosen resource. It is possible you can add the Root resources with both mobile phone operating systems - Android and iPhone's iOS.
We all know, resource are game's ultimate resource, and can be obtained with purchase decision. You might use all of these resource for many purposes. However, having been the premium resource, charge a nominal fee. You can purchase them at Android Play Store and iOS Apple Store. You have the option to generate Root completely free resource here, 100 % safe and secure. Use our Root online hack tool to update and add unlimited resource to your account now!

For IOS and Android User:

Root 1.5 screenshots hack proof 2
Are you ready colours contention?

This play did complete geometric rules and very sensitive hearing angles and geometric calculation and coluor's meet brand-new this a play ready

The play start and screen touching and colours circles combine

This Project did make a developer as and a Project independent so if you are working really very hard i know very good that independent developer single supporter did players thank you so much for everything

Play final level for now a secret be may stay jewelry someone found as.
What do you think ? How much this play final level?

Fixed the Main Menu bugs(share button,Reset,Level number)
Fixed the Level number bug.
Fixed the 40,60,70 level graphic bugs.
Fixed the speed.

Now will not disturb ads. (fixed)

Optimization was provided
Increase FPS
Renewed the graphics

Root 1.5 screenshots hack proof 2

The best way to use the Root Online hack tool

At the beginning, get to know if the status of the generator tool is online, marked as green. If our servers are online, type your Root username in the field. Then, pick the number of resource you would like to add. Our Root online hack tool adds resource. We are utilizing this precaution mainly for safety functions and server vigor. In an effort to confirm that know that you aren't a bot, small human validation is perhaps required.
Just after successful human validation
It's extremely essential that you type your correct username. After sucessful human verification, check your mobile phone for the added resource. It is recommended that note that username is case sensitive. Please, don't often use this amazing tool more than once per day.

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NOTE: Root is a mobile game for Smartphone. You should buy resources on Android Play Store and iTunes respectively. By making use of our tool, you agree with our provisions. We are thankful for using our products and solutions!



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