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For IOS and Android User:

Streamer Sim Tycoon 1.02 screenshots hack proof 2
Welcome to Streamer Sim Tycoon. In this streamer's life simulation game you start your own broadcasting channel where you livestream content from you computer, accumulate viewers and followers, upgrade your skills and rise to the top of all livestreamers!

Streamer Sim Tycoon features
🎬 Start your Streaming channel
🎮 Choose what to stream from currently trending games
⭐ Master the games to get even more viewers
💻 Upgrade your computer, display and outfit
📔 Study streaming through various courses
📄 Acquire rewarding streamer sponsors
📜 Receive interesting offers to improve your streams
💚 Gain more and more viewers and followers
📈 Start selling Merchandise fan products
🏢 Move into better and appealing houses
🥇 Rise to the top of streamers!

Streamer Sim Tycoon is the most genuine game on mobile, no time gates or other energy mechanics (play as much as you want and when you want), no forced ads (no stupid popup ads after every action), no paywalls (all content available without paying real money)!

Available in multiple languages. No internet connection required to play. Please give feedback and suggestions on Google Play Store or join our Discord channel available at

Start playing now and experience the popularity of a famous streamer. Start your dream career, customize your character and setup, master different games, earn money with sponsors and merchandise, buy better PC setup and even pets, compete in the leaderboards and unlock achievements. It's time to rise to the top of streamers in this unique and free streamer simulator game!
-NEW Leaderboards, 26 Achievements and Cloud Save
-NEW Fridge, kitchen counter, table, piano and rug upgrades
-NEW Upgrade for computer, screen, bed and stand
-NEW: Change color of max upgraded setup
-NEW Rare sponsors, legendary sponsors are more rewarding and rare
-NEW Pet: Dog as special offer!
-NEW: reacting correctly increases followers gained, up to 10%
-NEW: Every game have their own screen animation
-Fixed camera notch problems on Samsung S10 phones
-Bug fixes
-Menu adjustments

Streamer Sim Tycoon 1.02 screenshots hack proof 2

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