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World War 2.3.0 screenshots hack proof 1

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World War 2.3.0 screenshots hack proof 2
The first World War has brought serious disaster to mankind, but it has promoted the development of science and technology objectively. In the game, you can control a country, by adjusting the policy to develop the economy or to increase the revenue, and to get enough money to buy advanced armaments. When the specified city get enough manpower to recruit, through City Army mobile command you can develop a global unified strategy.
In the early twentieth Century, it was a restless and restless age. Since the emergence of industrial civilization represented by machine and metropolis, the colonial powers and their interest groups have begun a new fight of the world. Finally, a seemingly accidental terrorist event has led to the most devastating war in human history - World War I.
The war has made full use of human civilization, from physical to chemical, to achieve a profound understanding of the negative power of civilization. The war of four years and three months involved more than 1 billion 500 million of the population and about 30000000 of the soldiers died.
However, so many sacrifices still did not prevent the outbreak of the Second World War 2.
# Update this version will delete the old game archive!
> New regions: 3, new cities: 29
> New classic Fighter series (6).
> New Hot Seat Mode.
> New economic status information.
> Adjusted the initial warplane level.
> Optimized the city's defense system.
> Fixes Bug for translation errors and inability to select a country or region.
> Fixed a crash Bug in using a widescreen phone.
> Other optimization and adjustment.

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World War 2.3.0 screenshots hack proof 2

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