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BlastZone 2 is an action packed 3D side scrolling shooter(shmup/space shooter) with fast paced cinematic combat, super weapons, and big bosses!

** Play All 6 Game Modes **
* Mission Mode - A 35 minute long, 8 mission cinematic experience with hundreds of unique hand animated enemies and big bosses. Includes unique 3D gameplay mechanics and a 2nd person shooter area!

* BlastZone 1 - Recreation of the original TI-85 game; a simple “defend the base” style game

* Classic A Mode - A greatly enhanced version of BlastZone 1; a “defend the base” style game with beam weapons and a points chain system. Destroy all enemies before they pass your ship or it is game over.

* Classic B Mode (Full version only) - Similar to Classic A, but with a points pool system; every action either adds to or subtracts from the points value and the player needs to stop the game at the right point to get a high score. The game keeps getting tougher; get too cocky and you could lose it all!

* Survival Mode (Full version only) - Similar control scheme to Mission Mode, but with infinitely generated levels and a unique multiplier scoring system that depends on skill shots to get the best score.

* Blitz Mode (Full version only) - Similar to Survival Mode, but massively increases the number of enemies on screen and gives you a fully powered ship from the start to combat them. The key to this mode is to maintain hyper power to keep those weapons powered; running out of energy can mean certain death from the large swarms of enemies!

*Additional Features include:
-Cooperative multiplayer support via Bluetooth or locally when 2 gamepads are connected
-2D controls, but with hazards and gameplay elements moving around in full 3D space
-Amazing OpenGL 3D graphics that scales to any size screen
-Difficulty levels designed for new players up to genre veterans so everyone can have fun
-4 expansive game play environments, such as mountains, caves, and outer space
-7 selectable ships, each with unique play styles, weapons, and abilities
-15 weapon types and variations of them including beams, charge shots, and explosives
-Hundreds of different enemy types, each with different behaviors and stats
-A Turbo mode for each of the survival modes for experienced gamers
-World Leaderboard support for every game mode
-Supports MOGA and generic gamepads
-Additional content and features to be released for free

*Exclusive mobile features:
-New control schemes: classic D-Pad, relative touch positioning, and direct touch positioning
-Can't play through the whole game in one sitting? Your progress is automatically saved when you quit so you can resume it later!
-Amazing OpenGL 3D graphics to show off your Android device!
-Battery Saver mode

*The lite version is limited to 2 Areas for Mission Mode, Full Classic mode, and 3 selectable ships*
-Improved frame stats
-Improved particle performance by up to 20%
-Fixed particle performance issue for some devices

-Improved general performance by up to 10%
-Improved the score submission loading bar

-Improved general performance by 35-75%
-Fixed incorrect frame when starting the game
-Fixed multiplayer bugs with HUD and intermission screen

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