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For IOS and Android User:

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Greetings our dear user!

We are pleased to present you our application under the name - “Bristol Stoloto”.
This is a standard Russian game that you used to play at home on paper cards with wooden barrels since 1994. Our mobile application helps to play this game, even if you do not have the necessary cards and barrels. You can play at least where, and even without the Internet.

Lotto is an exciting childhood board game for you and your friends in which we compete
to attention. They play it using cards with numbers from 1 to 90 and barrels that
get out of the bag at random.

Lotto is a classic. In childhood, each of us had a time when we learned to play lotto,
Loved him and kept him in his soul for life. True lovers of lotto still do not
miss a single circulation of Russian Lotto, Golden Horseshoe, Blitz games. Now you have
the ability to play Russian lotto at any time directly on your mobile device ..
It's time to set Bristol stoloto and show who plays the best game!

Lotto is a board game for all generations. From small to large.

There are 2 types of games in our application:
* Fast - the rule is simple, whoever wins takes the prize
* Long - you need to close all cards and numbers, and pick up the prize. Whoever makes it first, that and

And also our advantages:

* Large cards and large numbers
* You can close the current barrel and the previous
* You can open the barrels "manually"
* You can play with Android
* No internet connection required to play

The game is useful for children.
Teaches a number line up to 90, teaches to pronounce numbers, find them.
Develops mindfulness and peripheral vision, as you need to find numbers very quickly.

This application has not been created, sponsored or supported by Stoloto. This application is not an official application or is associated with the developer or publisher of the game. All images are in the game, and use of this application is subject to fair use principles. This app is intended solely for the love of the game and will help further develop skills and explore the game. Our application is exclusively entertaining mathematics. We in no way pretend to this trademark as described in the beginning of the review. We gave our name exclusively, our imagination.
Made an animation on the main screen
Fixed bugs

Bristol Stoloto 1.5 screenshots hack proof 2

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