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Diamond Quest: Don't Rush! 2.15 screenshots hack proof 1

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Diamond Quest: Don't Rush! 2.15 screenshots hack proof 2
🚨🚨🚨Be Aware! The most popular and addictive adventure game is now available on the store!

In Diamond Quest: Don't Rush!, you are an intrepid explorer, pressing deep into the jungles of Angkor Wat temple, the dungeons of Bavaria castle, and the icy Tibet caves. Your quest is collect a series of gems before heading for an exit that leads to the next room.
In your adventure, you must cut through leaves, break cobwebs to find the precious jewels. Gravity takes hold of precariously balanced boulders and sends them toppling down to smash any slow-moving creatures - yourself included. At the end of each map, you must defeat a boss monster to escape for the next locale.
😍 Fantastic Visual: Gorgeous HD graphics and lovely sound tracks.
😆 Exciting Gameplay: Tons of different obstacles and traps to get around: snakes 🐍, turtles 🐢, bombs 💣, monkeys 🐒...Some where you have to dive into the water 💦 to complete your quest.
😲 Checkpoint: Re-spawn your self at the most recent checkpoint at anytime.
😱 Big Boss: So big and so hard to defeat. Be careful with your life.
😘 Mystic Tools: Use Mystic Hammer to break the weak walls, Mystic Hook to drag things and Freeze Hammer to freeze things.
😖 Challenge Puzzle: Challenge your brain and prove your intelligence with hundred of puzzles to solve.

Don't Rush! Otherwise you will be trapped❗
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Diamond Quest: Don't Rush! 2.15 screenshots hack proof 2

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