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Protect the fate of the Kingdom of Avalon!
Turn-based Tactical SRPG on a Hexagon Battlefield!

▶Tactical Turn-based Gameplay◀

Strategic RPG gameplay Hexagon style!
Jump into a Hexagon Battlefield! Unique battle system emphasizing strategy and tactics!
Choose your Heroes wisely forming a team to defeat enemies on the battlefield.
Create various strategies through a combination of distinct Heroes, their Elements and Rune combination!

▶Hero Variety and Playstyle◀

Experience fun and exciting gameplay with over 200 Heroes to play!
Choose an array of Heroes with 5 different classes and 5 distinct elements which creates more ways to enjoy battle!
Strengthen and upgrade your Heroes stats and skills to overcome your enemies.
Level up through battles, and feel a sense of accomplishment as you get stronger!

▶Stunning Illustrations and Visual Effects◀

Immerse yourself in the fantasy world of Avalon.
Beautiful and breath-taking artwork like no other!
Watch your Heroes use different powerful skills that have stunning effects flash on your screen!

▶Various Fun Modes◀

[Adventure] Follow Arthur in his journey to protect his Kingdom against evil!
[Arena] Challenge and compete with players to prove who's the strongest in the Arena!
[Awakening Dungeon] Strengthen your Heroes by gathering Materials in the Awakening Dungeon!
[Rune Dungeon] Modify and customize your Heroes with runes collected in the Rune Dungeon. Create a totally unique Hero like no other!
[Rift] Get your desired Heroes faster by acquire Hero pieces in rifts!
[Tower of Arrogance] Battle up the tower and receive various rewards for your accomplishments!
[Guild Raid] Challenge a different powerful Raid Boss on each weekday!!

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Improved Battle System UI/UX
- Certain modes allows Hero placement prior to battle
- Hero turn order labeled
Greatly improved Arena System
Starting Christmas Event
Bug Fix

Kingdom of Hero : Tactics War 1.14.002 screenshots hack proof 2

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