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KoGaMa 2.18.5 screenshots hack proof 2
Kogama is an online universe that lets you play, create and share games alone or together with friends. Dive into racing, pvp action, or simply join a hang-out game to kick back with friends. Feeling creative? Invite your friends to start creating the next big game hit!

Already have an account? Log in with your existing Kogama account and play for free!

Explore millions of games created by users like yourself. Each game presents new challenges, goals and experiences! Play anything from action racing to laid back exploration games!

Super hero, angel or zombie broccoli? Build any avatar you want or browse a vast marketplace of avatars created by other users. There's even new accessories every day to spice up your creations!

Our users work together to create new games every single day. From Kogama classics to the latest and greatest, there's always something new to check out! Maybe your game is the next to attract thousands of players?

Kogama is absolutely free to play, but players can also purchase Gold to spend on avatars and accessories. Gold is also available completely for free, simply by playing the game.

We are always working on improving Kogama. Got any questions or feedback? Don't hesitate to get in touch!

Thank you for playing!

NOTE: Avatar/game creation requires a mouse and is currently only available in the desktop version of Kogama.



Tweaked size of various UI elements.
Fixed bug that caused vehicles to gain infinite health when healed.
Fixed bug where pressing Play to claim new game XP did not work.
Removed tip explaining how to holster your pickup as it only explained the desktop keys.
Fix Xray booster missing an image when buying with gold.
Fixed issue in accessory shop title bug.
Fixed visual bug where time attack flag counter would not count until you respawn for the first time.

KoGaMa 2.18.5 screenshots hack proof 2

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