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Medievan is not one of those hundred similar War games, has unique engine and playing style, designed to provide fair play not "payer is winner" logic.

Medievan is a strategy and medieval time city building game.

Medievan is designed to challenge even the most hardcore gamers at it has a huge variety of quests and heroes to hire and the arsenal to use on the conquests you set them on. When you’re not going to war, you are able to build up your own city by a wide variety of tasks and workers. The army and civilian units are divided according to the work they are able to do and you are able to buy and sell of items from your village to make it prosper.

Medievan is an immersive game that allows you to compete with other players and is best played when you form alliances. Over 100 different quests to choose from and a world map that is gives you a huge playing area to widen your empire as farther as you like. The game provides the ultimate gaming experiences as you are given full control and can show your prowess to your alliances and enemies alike.

Game mechanics handled by role playing standards. Over hundreds researches, dozen units and many buildings to build your empire.

* Hire 3 Type of heroes (Commander, Spy, Diplomat), assign skills (86) and use hero actions (32)
* 4 millions cells world map
* 150K hero items
* War simulation and replays
* 140+ quests
* Hero can move everywhere on map
* Can form alliances, research alliance technologies and declare war on other alliances
* Can train lots of units (40)
* Construct many City Building (117), Resource buildings (25) or improvements (78)
* Research many technologies (146)
* Use equipment on building to provide bonus
* Use luxury resource to produce equipments

Medievan is also available as a browser game! Visit for details.
Minor Tour bugs solved.
Hero stuck problems solved
Some minor bugs solved
Text improvements- Akare
Map Bookmarks and Compass - Thx Akare
Trade agreement request displayed correctly - Thx Akare
Alliance Invitation can be accessed fro messages - Thx Akare
Map display bug solved - Thx Bluecurry, SaYoKan

Medievan: Strategy MMO 1.0.9 screenshots hack proof 2

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