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For IOS and Android User:

Mouse for Cats 1.0.92 screenshots hack proof 2
The most optimized game for cats.
Ordered by cats, created with cats and tested on cats!
This is the original iPad Mouse for Cats - legendary and addictive 2D game for cats - catch the mouse in paw-taking HD graphics on your Android Tablet now!
We making free, cat approved games for cats.

* There are 9 different, interesting and exciting mouse levels!
* Game is built, timed and optimized for cats!
* Multi Mouse mode
* Vibrations
* Mice sounds
* No buttons or craps for humans - no banners on game screen!
* Free Ads supported.
* This game is 100% for cats!

Mice are all different colors with animated shape, irritating tail moves and sounds so your cat pays a serious attention to the game.

Important: This is game FOR CATS and KITTENS - NOT FOR DOGS!
please READ How To use this app for cats bellow.

* this game for cats will help you keeping your cats happy and playful, do not leave them alone just with tablet. Play with your cat much as you can *

*HOW TO USE* this game simulator for cats:
- at the top of the screen select one or more of your cat's favorite mice
- select sound theme and mouse level order...
- put tablet on soft and safe surface
- check if there are no disturbing REFLECTIONS from the cats angle of view.
- if your cat constantly switching between apps, disable MULTITASKING gesture in your iPad settings...general section. ( cat paw contains more segments than one finger...).
- adjust BRIGHTNESS - remember that cat needs lower values, just not like torch.
- game has "back to menu button" - simply minimize and restore app and Menu button will appear for 5 seconds.

Our game for cats is recommended for any indoor cat.
Kittens will always jump in action instantly, older, lazy or outdoor cats may ignore game :), you can try it later ideally when your cat is in hunter mood, it is mostly at 3am..

PLEASE REMEMBER: Your CAT IS NOT ROBOT nor TOY with button to activate chase mode. Respect their nature and don't expect that they will do exactly what you have seen on YouTube.

Mouse for Cats is free game for cats, offering 9 different mouse skins for every round. Offers more fun than with single laser point...

Mouse for Cats in-game levels:
Default string mouse
Wooden mouse
Pink plastic mouse
Green plastic mouse
Pinky Mouse
Bigger stringy mouse
Tiger mouse
Gepard mouse

"Mouse for Cats" is game for cats - only for cats, please note:
As the rubber toy is not real mouse in the real world and even does not squeak like the real mouse, mice in this game are toys and they are colored for cats - not for humans, same applies for selected sounds. Everything is massively tested and it is interesting action game for most cats.

A mouse that runs in your phone or tablet . This is an excellent world most optimized game for your cat!
You can support us by in-app Unlocks and you will get unlocked 'Mouse for Cats' with real sounds, premium mice and possibility to set random or favorite level order.

Try tap and drive mouse on screen to get cat interested in game. Our cat testers reaching score above 100 in few moments, some of them are able to recognize Mouse for Cats icon and start whole application from the iPad home screen!!
You can try it even on small iPhone or Android Phone, but game runs best on iPad Pro or big Android Tablet.

To prevent scratches on the backside of device, please do not put your device while running games for cats on the hard surface without protection cover.
Cat may have some hard particles on the paws - protection film or tempered glass are recommended too.

! -- Mouse in Cheese -- !
! -- Fish for Casts -- !

we are cat lovers you can support development by giving us five stars on Google Play ;)

thank you.
- Mouse for Cats team -
- Kozo i Ludo -
+ Off-screen mouse settings.
+ New provocative mouse movements
+ Reduced Ads if you restarting game too quickly
* if you need return to the startup screen, minimize and return to the app or press square button, Menu button will appear.
* move with mouse, Humans could attract cat by moving with mouse.
more details at

Mouse for Cats 1.0.92 screenshots hack proof 2

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