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For IOS and Android User:

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New life game is a text choices simulation gaming app rating for users 15 years and older. You start off Newlife in a random character at birth with a pair of parents tasked with raising you and then allows you to make text-based choices that will impact how the life of your character you are playing turns out from birth until death.
▸How to play:
- Start a new life with a big (+ Age) button when you first open this app
- Seeing your character's life by tapping the age button year by year
- Throughout the game, you need to manage various aspects of your life: Happiness, Looks, Smarts, Healths. For example: If your happiness drops to low, immediately find ways to increase to live a happier life
- Earn as much money as possible to be able to live a longer life, successful careers and happier disposition in life.
- Last but not least, to experience all features of Newlife, try to experience different characters😍😍😍▸
👉🏻 Over 45 different jobs available
👉🏻 Over 20 entertainment activities
👉🏻 5 ways to descend into a life of crime
👉🏻 Lots of chance to get into a relationship and get married
👉🏻 Hundreds of traps bringing you to jail. Be careful,though, just like in real life being a criminal comes with risks

💕 And lots of sweet result for exemplary citizens 💕
This is the English version compiled by Vietnamese copywriters, maybe the translation has many shortcomings, Ticat Studio looks forward to receiving your comments to improve our game better, better !! Thank you everyone for downloading the game and leaving feedback . Game is still in progress so if you have any advice just share with us <3"
Fix some bug.
------------------- Newlife best life simluator game ---------------

New Life - Life Simulator Game 1.0 screenshots hack proof 2

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