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For IOS and Android User:

Nonograms 999 griddlers 1.7.2 screenshots hack proof 2
From the creator of the applications with more than one million downloads "NumberPlace Lv999" and "NumberPlace Infinity" comes the follow up called "Nonograms 999"

The puzzle has 999 challenges. And they are all free!
Easy controls makes solving the challenges a smooth experience.
Therefore making it a perfect way to kill your downtime!

* Nonograms 999's strong point

- The puzzle has 999 solutions.
You’ll never pay for any of the solutions, they are all free!
There is no time limit for the puzzle, so feel free to play whenever you feel like it!

- Designed to be easily used with just one hand.
While commuting or just riding the train, you always have one hand free for your smartphone, don’t you?
With that in mind, Nonograms 999 was designed so you can play whenever the mood strikes.

- There is but one but one answer for each challenge
All the challenges are checked continuously so there will be no duplicate solutions.

- Touch and virtual Joypad support.

- Save your progress
Closing the application in the middle of a solution.
In order to make those cases easier we have implemented an auto save feature so you can easily pick up where you left.

- Complete with an auto-fill function
Continuous clicking can be a drag.
In order to make the experience more enjoyable we have installed an easy auto-fill function, toggled by the simple touch of a button.
When the auto-fill function is turned on you just have to move your marker over the desired squares.

- Undo / Redo function
When solving your challenge it's easy to make a mistake or misclick.
In order to make it easy to correct such mishaps we have implemented a undo / redo function.

- Easy on the eyes design
For long playing session, we have designed the game with colors that are easy on the eyes.
In case you enjoy playing a bit before going to sleep, this easy on the eyes design will also be good due to the darker colors.

- All the challenges are handmade
All the challenges within the puzzles are handmade by professionals.
Please enjoy all the challenges that were handmade by professionals!

* What kind of illustrations is there?
In total there is 999 illustrations.
You can pick from different sizes of canvas, 10x10, 15x15, 20x20, 25x25 and 30x30.
The illustrations include cute animals, sea creatures, sports, vehicles, fashion, food, electrical appliances and many others! So there is a lot of illustrations to pick from!
When you've cleared a puzzle it will automatically be saved to your selection screen.

*Is it easy to use?
Yes, the application has been designed so that anybody can use it.
You can paint your boxes by clicking in the desired box.
For the more advanced design with many boxes, it might be a little bit hard to hit your desired box so we have included an easy to use controller.

* What is Nonograms?
On the left side and above the puzzle there is a number that gives you hint on how many boxes to color on said row. With the help of those hints, you have to solve the puzzle and complete the illustration.
Also, Nonograms is called "Picross", "Griddlers" and "Picture logic".

*How to solve a Nonograms.
Every puzzle has numbers written on the left side and above the canvas.
These numbers are indicators on what boxes to paint.
The numbers above the canvas indicate what boxes to paint in the vertical columns.
The number on the left side of the canvas indicate what boxes to paint in the horizontal columns.

In cases where there is multiple numbers, that indicates two fields, with at least one open box in between.
In cases where there is no number written out, it means the entire column will be blank.
These are all the rules you need to follow in order to complete your illustrations!

Please enjoy this free game in order to challenge yourself during your free time!

In order to make Nonograms 999 free for everyone to use it relies on advertising.

Thank you for your understanding and please enjoy our application!
bug fix.

Add 351 puzzle (Normal: 301, Big: 50)
There are categories in which the completion rate (%) is decreasing because of added puzzles.

bug fix

- Add Option (option 3 page)

- Fixed bug
- Request permission when sharing

- Add 453 puzzle (Normal: 380, Big: 73)
- Add type of cursor key
- Add cursor key fixed mode (option 3 page)
It is possible to move the cursor by touching the puzzle surface with the cursor key.

445 new puzzles

Nonograms 999 griddlers 1.7.2 screenshots hack proof 2

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