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Nonstop Agents 0.0.3 screenshots hack proof 2
An all-new, free, agent-themed idle RPG featuring strategic gameplay and endless fun!
Collect powerful agents and embark on a journey to wipe out the forces of darkness and save the world!

1. Relaxed Battles and Easy Upgrading
Send out your strongest team of agents, and they'll automatically fight for you and collect rewards including resources, epic equipment and legendary agents, even while you're offline!

2. Deep Strategy and Endless Entertainment
With six factions, 326 agents, and more than 100 unique skills, there's no end to the strategies you can play with!
Collect and craft rare equipment to boost your agents' Strength! You need to perfectly match equipment of different attributes to make their Strength soar!
Simple controls let you relax and enjoy the fun of gaming!

3. Plentiful Systems and Modes
There's collecting, developing, equipment crafting, the Space-Time Circle, monsters, Battle of Valhalla, the Floating Fortress, Interstellar Trials, realm exploration, Otherworld Stargate, agent evolution, and more!
There are also endless stages, the PVP Arena, cross-server Guild War, and lots more amazing content waiting for you!

4. Passionate Guilds
Invite your friends to form a powerful guild, upgrade your guild tech, and ascend to the top of the rankings!
Work together to defeat guild bosses and win tons of rewards!
Fight for territory and resources in the cross-server, guild-versus-guild Guild War!

5. Global Shared Server
Raise your agents' Strength and challenge players from across the globe to win the highest honors!

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Patch Note

1. Otherworld Stargate is unlocked and requires Lv80 to enter.
2. The Monster system is unlocked and requires Lv70 to activate.
3. Agents Enabling System is released, which can significantly enhance the agent.
4. Bugfix and game experience improvements.

Nonstop Agents 0.0.3 screenshots hack proof 2

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