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For IOS and Android User:

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「Wonder Core Genius」 - Your Personal Trainer

Welcome to use Wonder Core Genius Personal Trainer, a combination of exclusive fitness equipment and professional visual instruction generates 10 kinds of exercise modes. It can train your muscle groups of the body in just a few minutes per day to build a perfect personal gym. It is an addictive fitness game that could burn your core and bring you effective exercise beyond imagination!

Brand New Exercise Modes
Wonder Core Genius Personal Trainer, combined with hundreds of training videos which target at diversified training topic for full or partial body, systematizes your workout and synergizes the effects.

Visual Image Instruction
Whether you want to enhance muscle strength, intensify your core, or reduce body fat, 10-plus topic courses and 100-plus visual instruction videos, directed by professional trainers which emphasize on muscle groups of the full body, can satisfy all demands from beginners to advanced and guide you to get in good shape.

「Wonder Core Genius」key factors:
- Personal trainers take control of key training factors.
Every posture is given a real demonstration by professional trainers. Beginners can follow the video and instantly correct their posture to prevent unnecessary injuries and train the right muscle groups precisely.

- Play on multiple screens, enjoy the workout.
It can be played via mobile phone, tablet and TV. Start your daily exercise anytime anywhere.

- Thoughtful assembly instruction
With thoughtful assembly instruction, you can intuitively assemble in a few steps and start to exercise right away.

- Addictive workout games
Three challenging plank games make you addicting! When you concentrate on breaking through the game, you will not even feel difficulty to plank as usual.

- Deep intelligent analysis tools
Daily, weekly, or monthly data analysis keeps statistics on calories burned and muscle groups challenged in order to examine your exercise progress.

- Spread Positive Energy of Workout
A built-in shared chart with training indicator could be posted on social media!
Let your friends feel your positive energy of workout.

Ten kinds of exercise modes:
- Ab Roller Mode
- Ab Roller Plus Mode
- Balance Board Mode
- Rotating Push-Up Bar Mode
- Twist Board Mode
- Skipping Rope Mode
- Exercise Band Mode
- Full Body Exercise Mode
- Chest Expander Mode
- Hand Gripper Mode

Popular Programs:
- Sweat & Shape
- Beach ready
- Full body fat burner
- Basic strength exercise
- Full-body ignition
- Power up
- Enhance physical strength & muscular endurance
- High intensity muscle-building training
- Balancing Bears
- Core control
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