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For IOS and Android User:

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“Zombie Hero: Battle Legends”
Zombie Hero is a thrilling mixture of strategy and vigorous battles to create a powerful zombie crusade game. This Battle Zombie Hero game has a cool amazing fight against zombie armies With superb graphics and amazing gameplay in addition to attractive cool sounds .

How To Play:
Hold and drag on screen to move your zombie gang towards the pointed direction.
Collect Civilians into your zombie army to increase your strength
Attack other Zombie armies which do have less zombies than you.

Move towards the single civilian to Kill him and increase your Zombie Army and become Zombie legend. This is the most effective way possible to survive. Kill the Enemy troop before they kill you and become Zombie Legend.

*Unlock all Zombie Legends
*Upgrade all your Zombie Legends to perform best in all Zombie Battles
*Score High and stay top in leaderboards
*Unlock all the Levels(Cities)

Be A Zombie Star by increasing your army
Be A Zombie Legend by Upgrading your top Zombie
Be A Zombie Hero by mastering the all new Zombie game

-strategic battle Gameplay
-3D zombies
- An epic battle with lots of killing
-Endless Adventure

Download Zombie Hero - Battle Legends now! To create your Zombie Battle Legends
Enjoy Eating Brains and Becoming the Mighty Zombie Army!!

For Support:
All New Zombie Fighting Game
*Updated levels -Check out all new Cities

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